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About VINIE International

A fresh start isn’t just a new place; it’s also a new mindset. With this as our ethos we set out on a journey that has its roots in Padmavati Crystals, a renowned name in the supply and development of embroidery materials to various recognized exporters all over India, led by Mr. Prakash Jain, who built the business over the past 25 years.

Our expertise lies in crafting exquisite luxury embroideries and accessories, we work with a team of talented artisans, with a skill set that has been passed down from generations, keeping a sharp focus on quality and also molding ourselves to provide the best solution to our client’s requirements, and we hold deadlines and timely deliveries very high on our priority.

With our expertise in the field of materials and a dedicated team of creative and experienced designers, merchandisers and production managers, we intend to realize even greater heights and make our name one with quality, innovation and excellence.

Our Philosphy

Embedded in a sense of nostalgia, but always looking into the future, our aesthetic is a harmonious blend of the two. Innovation, quality materials and skilled craftsmanship, all weave together a story in the form of exquisite and quality embroidery.

We strive towards always keeping a tab on the ever changing pulse of fashion; and to stay a step ahead of new trends through constant explorations and experimentation, so that we can offer our clients new and interesting concepts that would enhance the quality of our collaborations. Being born and based out of a culturally rich and diverse nation as India, we find inspiration everywhere, and backed by craftsmanship that have been passed down through generations, we work towards creating art in the form of embroidery and share it with our clients and create strong bonds based on innovation and quality.



We care deeply about the impact that our industry has on the environment, and enforcing our duty towards the planet, we also want our brand to be synonymous with sustainability, which is why we believe in a conscious use of materials and generating less waste. In collaboration with our sister company Padmavati Crystals, we are constantly trying to create beading materials from waste such as plastic bottles. We want to be a small hand in solving the issue of excess waste of fabrics, by incorporating them in embroidery that looks luxurious, but had a conscious heart. We would love for and encourage our clients to approach us with ideas for material development and waste material usage, which is a need of the hour. Together we can move in the direction of a greener planet.


Our Services

With our team of skilled artisans, we offer our clients a varied range of hand beading techniques. We strive to execute all our projects with impeccable fineness and together with our clients create pieces of great artistic feat.

Machine Embroidery<

With our in-house stitching unit and our team of expert pattern cutters and tailors, we offer our clients well finished garments with extreme focus on the quality, sizing and design that results in a seamless production process .

Machine Embroidery<

We also are able to provide for our client’s machine and computer embroidery services that would help in execution of the designs. We work dedicatedly to execute the designs to be as close to the desired outcome.

Machine Embroidery<

We have closely working with us a team of printers that would enable us to provide the services of block printing, screen printing and digital printing on accordance to our clients needs and with assurance of the best of quality.

Machine Embroidery<

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